4 things you should consider before starting a renovation

Consider this scenario: you have lived in the same place for 7 years, and can no longer handle the layout of the space, the colors of the walls, the furniture used, etc. It is common to get sick of environments after long periods, and the mere mention of a renovation already causes chills in many people. But what to do when moving is not an option?

Reforms don’t have to be a big deal! With good planning of works, it is possible to transform your home into the home of dreams without losing sleep. We help you with the 4 things you should consider before starting a renovation in today’s article. You should also consider the help of handyman services London. 

Know your budget

If you have faced the same situation before, you know that it is very easy for a project’s costs to get out of control. In order to prevent this from happening, it is necessary to carry out detailed planning of the work, which involves a realistic works budget for the project to be carried out. This is especially important when you hire handyman London. 

Always remember to consider a margin of error in the calculations, after all, unforeseen events happen at the construction site.

When is the right time to start a renovation?

We know that renovations are laborious, both for the client and for the professional handyman London who executes it. Therefore, it is important to have a clear communication channel between both parties, ensuring that the decision-making process about the particularities of the project happens without loss of information, and quickly and efficiently.

Also, with a well-executed work schedule, it is possible to have a real estimate of the project completion time, as well as the execution time for each of the planned work stages. This care is especially important if the renovation is carried out with people living in the environment, as everything implies the routine of the residents of the house. 

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that reforms require time and attention, so it is important to have enough time available to follow what is being done! Ensure that you instruct the handyman London services for the amount of time required to complete the job. 

Taking care of the essentials

When deciding on the materials and inputs to be used in the project, it is common to choose to invest more in a state-of-the-art refrigerator, and cut the price of coverings, for example. At this moment, everything is valid as long as it makes sense for those who are renovating! Obviously, if you are using handyman services London you don’t need to worry about materials. 

The tip here is first to budget the basic items, which make the difference in the comfort and usability of the environment, such as sockets, lighting, and wiring, before leaving for market trends or more luxurious. After all, you can leave to buy that stainless refrigerator later!

Choosing the right professional for the job

When doing a renovation, it is not enough to look for professional handyman London who claim to be specialized in the area. Greater care in hiring can save time and money, and avoid stress in the long run.

Also, poorly executed work can be responsible for a bad structure and a renovation that should take several years ends up needing repairs after a short time. To avoid this type of situation, having online management software is a great way out. With them, you control the productivity of the construction team, as well as the waste of material at the construction site. For this reason, even if you do some wrong hiring, it is possible to monitor each of the professionals’ performance during the work and judge whether what they are delivering is sufficient to comply with the project schedule.

Add charm to your house or office by hiring handyman services London for your home renovation. The quality of work and the finishing is sure to enchant your mood! 

What do you need to think about before getting into an Airbnb host

Do you want to start being an Airbnb host? there are some things that you will have to consider seriously. It is a well-known fact that vacation rentals can be a great source of fulltime or extra income. Regardless of whether you are thinking of renting out your entire property or a simple room to spare, owning an Airbnb rental can be an excellent business idea. 

However, before you dive right into things, there are several things that must first be considered. To succeed, it helps to have an understanding of what the business is like and the things to anticipate so that you can be prepared from the onset. Here are certain things to consider before becoming an Airbnb host:

Think about whether you can deal with strangers

Hosting on Airbnb means that you will have total strangers staying in your property or home. This is especially true of Airbnb rentals that also serve as personal apartments or family homes where issues of trust and security may make one apprehensive. If the thought of strangers traversing your property makes you uncomfortable, then you might be better off considering other business options.

Hire Airbnb Management Services London

If you want to enjoy the highest chances of success especially as an inexperienced host, the best thing that you can do is rely on the assistance of Airbnb Management Services London. The right Airbnb Management Services London can help you with the day to day running of your rental while you try and learn everything that you can about the Airbnb rental business.

 If there are other properties in your area that are being operated by an Airbnb management service, you might be placed at a disadvantage as you will have to compete against professionally managed units. Partnering with Professional Airbnb Management Services London allows you to tap into the service’s experience so that you can continue maximizing your earnings daily. 

Determine your objective

Before you can list your property and welcome your very first guest, you will need to decide your objectives, which will be determined by the type of host that you want to be. Are you hoping to rent out a spare room for extra cash? Or do you want to be a full-fledged Airbnb entrepreneur? Thinking about these things will help you determine how to structure your business so that you can experience success.

Figure out the hosting expenses

As a host, there are many hosting expenses that you will have to deal with. Some host deal with minimal expenses while others are hit by an overflow of utility bills and costs that obviously cut into one’s profits. Before you start, try and figure out what your expenses will look like so that you can determine if an Airbnb rental business is worth exploring in the first place.

Why You Should Visit Agadir, Morocco This Year

When you think Morocco, more traditional towns like Casablanca and Marrakech come to mind. Agadir is relatively unknown to many tourists but it has already earned the nickname ‘Miami of Morocco.’ It is a hot spot for surfers, and tourists looking for a superb experience. With over 300 sunny days a year, this is one of the best beach spots on the African Atlantic coast.

Agadir lies on the central spot on the Moroccan Atlantic coast. It is a town with a sad history, having been destroyed by an earthquake in 1960. It has been rebuilt in the fashion of any common working city in Africa but its beaches are like undiscovered gems because the big crowds are yet to flock here. Here are some things you can see and do on a visit to Agadir.

Beach experience

There is a 10-kilometre beach with clear turquoise water that invites hundreds of swimmers, surfers, paragliders, and jet skiers every day. The beach is also a favourite spot for family picnics and joggers. This part of the coast is relatively protected from Atlantic Winds making it ideal for snorkelling and diving. The beach here is clean, well-maintained and patrolled by security guards around the clock.

Visit the Souss Massa National Park

To the south of Agadir is a 33,000-hectare wetland and sand –dunes. The Oued Massa River runs through the park making the marshes which are home to hundreds of rare bird species. This is one of the few places in the world where you can spot the Northern Bald Ibis.

Enjoy the cuisine at Les Blancs

The curious mix of Arabic and Spanish influences on the cuisine here makes it spicy, delicious, and unforgettable. You can never have enough of the seafood, onions and fresh vegetables on the menu at this popular spot.

Relax in a Hamam

The Hamam (public bath) is a well-observed Mediterranean culture. Agadir has a number of well-maintained Hamams which are popular socializing points for locals. Tourists are welcome too. If you know the language, you can catch up on some juicy gossip.

Shop at the souk

The Souk El Had D’Agadir is one of the largest in Morocco. Like other big North African souks, you will find almost everything in the souk from goat to gold. There are hundreds of shoppers and souk merchants haggling over fruits, vegetables and other fresh produce. Try the mint tea here. You will also find the much sought after Argan oil for hair care.

Are you planning a trip to Morocco? Agadir is a place to see.

Getting the best from End of tenancy cleaning service in London

End of tenancy cleaning is a cleaning service which requires tenants to defrost fridge and freezer prior to the cleaners’ arrival. London is one of the top destination for moving to a new house. People are moving all the time due to kids moving to a new school. An end of tenancy cleaning in London is required, in order the new tenants to move to the new house and/ or flat. If the flat is let by estate agent, the new tenants have to sign a contract and take the keys for their new home.

London is famous with its huge number of estate agent due the large demand of properties, therefore, end of tenancy cleaning services. Cleaning in London is famous with its hard-working cleaners, due to the nature of work – lots of dirt and dust.

Bathroom is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house and/ or flat. End of tenancy cleaning the bathroom takes up to 3-4 hours depending of the room size and how dirty it is. Lime scale is common problem in bathrooms and it take a s lot of efforts to be cleaned, as end of tenancy cleaning in London requires end of tenancy lime scale to be removed and/ or cleaned. Cleaning the toilet is another dirty job, since most of the tenants have never had any attempts of cleaning these areas. Hence, the dirt is everywhere and sometimes end of tenancy cleaning of the toilet can take up to 3 hours.

Cleaning the cobwebs is included in end of tenancy cleaning London and is part of the cleaners’ responsibilities. Cobwebs are cleaned only if they are reachable due to the company safety policy. In some cases, cobwebs cannot be reached due to the high ceilings in some Victorian style houses.

End of tenancy cleaning service in London has to be booked in advance for a specific day and time slot due to the high demand of end of tenancy cleaning service. Some cleaning companies can fit you in their busy schedule but others would not be kin to do it without booking in advance.

End of cleaning service in London is one of the most competitive services in London, since the people are moving to a new house all year round and cleaning is required by landlord and/ or estate agent. End of cleaning service is a payable service, and it is usually paid by cash or bank transfer. Some cleaning companies in London require deposit to be paid prior to the cleaning service.

Will Your End of Tenancy Cleaning Pass the Landlord’s Inspection?

Your tenancy deposit can come in very handy when moving to a new house. But for the refund to happen, you must impress the landlord and pass the inspection. The standard tenancy agreement requires you to leave the house in a good condition, just as you got it, discounting for wear and tear. The landlord is within his rights to dispute a shoddy job. When a dispute arises, your tenancy deposit is withheld until the dispute is settled. To avoid a dispute in the first place here are a few tips to ensure the job passes the landlord’s inspection.

Engage professional end of tenancy cleaners

Cleaning a 3-bedroom house from top to bottom in a DIY style is easier said than done. For a bigger house, it is almost an impossibility. DIY cleaning is almost guaranteed to end up in unsatisfactory work because you don’t have the equipment and cleaning material for heavy cleaning.

Engaging professional end of tenancy cleaners is a smarter option for several reasons:

  • Convenience – A cleaning service is better equipped and has the manpower to handle cleaning a big house quickly. You can go about your other business and leave the cleaning service to handle the job.
  • Economical – Hiring cleaners is cheaper because you make a one-off payment which includes the labor, cleaning equipment and materials. It is cheaper than purchasing.
  • Risk-free – There is an element of risk that comes with moving heavy furniture, cleaning at height and handling harsh cleaning products. Hiring takes away these risks.

Use a cleaning checklist

An end of tenancy cleaning checklist ticks off all the necessary tasks in each room. Many cleaning services will usually have such a task list but you can ask them to use yours. Having a checklist is also useful when asking for a price quote.

Evaluate several cleaning services

Not all cleaning services are equal. You need a cleaning service that is professional and experienced in end of tenancy cleaning. You can pick price quotes from 2-3 cleaning services and evaluate them based on price, professionalism and the resources they have and ask if their end of tenancy cleaners have full equipment.

Do an inspection of the work

It is important that you ensure that cleaners have followed the checklist. If it is possible, do this before the cleaners leave. It will be easier to ask them to work on a certain task again at that moment rather than raising a dispute later. If the landlord is around, ask him to do an inspection immediately as well, for any corrections to be done to his required standards.

7 Things to Do and See in Agadir, the pearl of Morocco

300 days of sunshine, pristine white-sandy beaches, sizzling nightlife, and pizza — welcome to Agadir, Morocco, a slice of Mediterranean paradise! Destroyed and then rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of 1960, today’s Agadir is a tourist hotspot that pulls millions of visitors every year. And there are a ton of fabulous things to see and do in this Moroccan gem.

#1. Sightsee or Hike to Kasbah

If you’re looking for a truly historic part of Agadir, look no further than Kasbah. Dating back to the mid-16th century, Kasbah is the only surviving edifice of the fortified town of Agadir. Make sure to check out the getaway, hillsides, exciting architecture, or just marvel at this monstrosity — there’s plenty for your eyes to feast on. Don’t forget to catch the panoramic views of the Atlantic coastline and expansive Agadir from this vantage point.

#2. Beach Time!

Holidaying in Agadir is all about the beach — the turquoise blue waters of Atlantic ocean, the white sand that feels amazing between your toes, and soaking up the Mediterranean sun. With a marina, top-notch resorts, and a host of rustic restaurants and cafes, it’s no wonder Agadir’s beachfront is European holidaymakers’ number #1 destination in Morocco.

#3. Dine at Pure Passion

Beautiful lighting, timeless clocks, and air grandeur foster an elegant ambiance at this fantastic restaurant. Make sure to reserve the table early enough in order to get Marina breathtaking views. Don’t forget to sample mouthwatering scallops sizzled in fresh Dakhl, and argan oil.

#4. Kick Back and Relax in a Hammam

Hammam creates a wonderful place for people of different cultures and backgrounds to gather and socialize. It’s also a great place to get pampered away from all your hustles and bustles of life.

#5. Eat At Les Blancs

If you are looking to beat touristy eating spots like Pure Passion, head over to Les Blancs, for an authentic or Spanish-inspired fresh seafood, vegetarian meals, and other finger lickin’ Moroccan dishes.

#6. Visit Crocopark

Nestled just 14 km east of Agadir, this wildlife reserve is not one to miss. Whether you want to get up and close with this fearsome reptiles or mesmerize at a raft of other fascinating flora and fauna, Crocopark is your best bet.

#7. Sample Merchandise and Souvenirs at Souk El Had d’Agadir

Souks (markets) are part and parcel of Moroccan culture. Souk El Had d’Agadir is always a mill of shoppers and exotic wares. Don’t forget to snag a relic from the souvenir shops.

Where and What to Eat in Agadir, Morocco

Agadir is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations is the Mediterranean shoreline. Lapped by turquoise waters of Atlantic Ocean, Morocco’s southern coast was virtually rebuilt after the 1960 earthquake, but it still has a sense of its glorious past. While there are a ton of things to see and do in Agadir when it comes to what and where to eat, it’s best to stick with local eats — where local Moroccans go to treat their taste buds!

Without further ado … 7 best restaurants, hotels, and food dens in Agadir.

#1. Au Pool Lounge

There’s something of beauty about Au Pool Lounge. Whether it’s the consistent theme of luxury or relaxing sophistication, Au Pool will simply knock your socks off. Enjoy local and authentic French cuisine delicacies cooked directly from outdoor BBQ grills dotting the restaurant.

Hit the Au Pool for fresh seafood, fresh veggies, gourmet dishes, and other authentic meals.

#2. La Grillardiere

At La Grillardiere, you will meet and mingle with locals as they munch on their grilled meats and savory sandwiches. With a side of unsalted butter, tapas, fresh baguettes, french fries, mushrooms, pepper, and lots of veggies, you are in for a special treat.

#3. Poulet Razane

If you happen to be close to the beautiful Mohammed V mosque, head over to Poulet Razane for a quick bite. Although it’s small, the restaurant some of the most sizzling, poultry and meats, served with a side of Arabic bread, cream cheese, honey, and money. And, yes, their menu is pocket-friendly.

#4. Havana

Dying for a taste of Havana? Here, you can even partake in cigar smoke. The ambiance is welcoming, the waiters are splendid, and the menu is sizzling hot. To top it off, savor the taste of the delicacies with Cuban music arresting the air.

#5. Tapis Rouge

Also called Little Norway, this restaurant pleases customers with top-grade food and excellent wait service. The food, the charm, and the friendliness are worth every penny.

#6. Les Blancs

Authentic, Spanish-inspired restaurant, Les Blancs is a fantastic place to spend a lazy afternoon, overlooking the fantastic views of the Marina and sprawling Agadir. The food quality also matches the hospitality.

#7. Mezzo Mezzo

Fancy a pizza on holiday? If yes, Mezzo Mezzo is the place to be. Grab a slice of mouthwatering pizza as you wind down with an authentic bottle of red wine. It’s always a great place to take a pit stop after long hours of sightseeing.