Getting the best from End of tenancy cleaning service in London

End of tenancy cleaning is a cleaning service which requires tenants to defrost fridge and freezer prior to the cleaners’ arrival. London is one of the top destination for moving to a new house. People are moving all the time due to kids moving to a new school. An end of tenancy cleaning in London is required, in order the new tenants to move to the new house and/ or flat. If the flat is let by estate agent, the new tenants have to sign a contract and take the keys for their new home.

London is famous with its huge number of estate agent due the large demand of properties, therefore, end of tenancy cleaning services. Cleaning in London is famous with its hard-working cleaners, due to the nature of work – lots of dirt and dust.

Bathroom is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house and/ or flat. End of tenancy cleaning the bathroom takes up to 3-4 hours depending of the room size and how dirty it is. Lime scale is common problem in bathrooms and it take a s lot of efforts to be cleaned, as end of tenancy cleaning in London requires end of tenancy lime scale to be removed and/ or cleaned. Cleaning the toilet is another dirty job, since most of the tenants have never had any attempts of cleaning these areas. Hence, the dirt is everywhere and sometimes end of tenancy cleaning of the toilet can take up to 3 hours.

Cleaning the cobwebs is included in end of tenancy cleaning London and is part of the cleaners’ responsibilities. Cobwebs are cleaned only if they are reachable due to the company safety policy. In some cases, cobwebs cannot be reached due to the high ceilings in some Victorian style houses.

End of tenancy cleaning service in London has to be booked in advance for a specific day and time slot due to the high demand of end of tenancy cleaning service. Some cleaning companies can fit you in their busy schedule but others would not be kin to do it without booking in advance.

End of cleaning service in London is one of the most competitive services in London, since the people are moving to a new house all year round and cleaning is required by landlord and/ or estate agent. End of cleaning service is a payable service, and it is usually paid by cash or bank transfer. Some cleaning companies in London require deposit to be paid prior to the cleaning service.