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Why You Should Visit Agadir, Morocco This Year

When you think Morocco, more traditional towns like Casablanca and Marrakech come to mind. Agadir is relatively unknown to many tourists but it has already earned the nickname ‘Miami of Morocco.’ It is a hot spot for surfers, and tourists looking for a superb experience. With over 300 sunny days a year, this is one of the best beach spots on the African Atlantic coast.

Agadir lies on the central spot on the Moroccan Atlantic coast. It is a town with a sad history, having been destroyed by an earthquake in 1960. It has been rebuilt in the fashion of any common working city in Africa but its beaches are like undiscovered gems because the big crowds are yet to flock here. Here are some things you can see and do on a visit to Agadir.

Beach experience

There is a 10-kilometre beach with clear turquoise water that invites hundreds of swimmers, surfers, paragliders, and jet skiers every day. The beach is also a favourite spot for family picnics and joggers. This part of the coast is relatively protected from Atlantic Winds making it ideal for snorkelling and diving. The beach here is clean, well-maintained and patrolled by security guards around the clock.

Visit the Souss Massa National Park

To the south of Agadir is a 33,000-hectare wetland and sand –dunes. The Oued Massa River runs through the park making the marshes which are home to hundreds of rare bird species. This is one of the few places in the world where you can spot the Northern Bald Ibis.

Enjoy the cuisine at Les Blancs

The curious mix of Arabic and Spanish influences on the cuisine here makes it spicy, delicious, and unforgettable. You can never have enough of the seafood, onions and fresh vegetables on the menu at this popular spot.

Relax in a Hamam

The Hamam (public bath) is a well-observed Mediterranean culture. Agadir has a number of well-maintained Hamams which are popular socializing points for locals. Tourists are welcome too. If you know the language, you can catch up on some juicy gossip.

Shop at the souk

The Souk El Had D’Agadir is one of the largest in Morocco. Like other big North African souks, you will find almost everything in the souk from goat to gold. There are hundreds of shoppers and souk merchants haggling over fruits, vegetables and other fresh produce. Try the mint tea here. You will also find the much sought after Argan oil for hair care.

Are you planning a trip to Morocco? Agadir is a place to see.