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Will Your End of Tenancy Cleaning Pass the Landlord’s Inspection?

Your tenancy deposit can come in very handy when moving to a new house. But for the refund to happen, you must impress the landlord and pass the inspection. The standard tenancy agreement requires you to leave the house in a good condition, just as you got it, discounting for wear and tear. The landlord is within his rights to dispute a shoddy job. When a dispute arises, your tenancy deposit is withheld until the dispute is settled. To avoid a dispute in the first place here are a few tips to ensure the job passes the landlord’s inspection.

Engage professional end of tenancy cleaners

Cleaning a 3-bedroom house from top to bottom in a DIY style is easier said than done. For a bigger house, it is almost an impossibility. DIY cleaning is almost guaranteed to end up in unsatisfactory work because you don’t have the equipment and cleaning material for heavy cleaning.

Engaging professional end of tenancy cleaners is a smarter option for several reasons:

  • Convenience – A cleaning service is better equipped and has the manpower to handle cleaning a big house quickly. You can go about your other business and leave the cleaning service to handle the job.
  • Economical – Hiring cleaners is cheaper because you make a one-off payment which includes the labor, cleaning equipment and materials. It is cheaper than purchasing.
  • Risk-free – There is an element of risk that comes with moving heavy furniture, cleaning at height and handling harsh cleaning products. Hiring takes away these risks.

Use a cleaning checklist

An end of tenancy cleaning checklist ticks off all the necessary tasks in each room. Many cleaning services will usually have such a task list but you can ask them to use yours. Having a checklist is also useful when asking for a price quote.

Evaluate several cleaning services

Not all cleaning services are equal. You need a cleaning service that is professional and experienced in end of tenancy cleaning. You can pick price quotes from 2-3 cleaning services and evaluate them based on price, professionalism and the resources they have and ask if their end of tenancy cleaners have full equipment.

Do an inspection of the work

It is important that you ensure that cleaners have followed the checklist. If it is possible, do this before the cleaners leave. It will be easier to ask them to work on a certain task again at that moment rather than raising a dispute later. If the landlord is around, ask him to do an inspection immediately as well, for any corrections to be done to his required standards.