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Where and What to Eat in Agadir, Morocco

Agadir is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations is the Mediterranean shoreline. Lapped by turquoise waters of Atlantic Ocean, Morocco’s southern coast was virtually rebuilt after the 1960 earthquake, but it still has a sense of its glorious past. While there are a ton of things to see and do in Agadir when it comes to what and where to eat, it’s best to stick with local eats — where local Moroccans go to treat their taste buds!

Without further ado … 7 best restaurants, hotels, and food dens in Agadir.

#1. Au Pool Lounge

There’s something of beauty about Au Pool Lounge. Whether it’s the consistent theme of luxury or relaxing sophistication, Au Pool will simply knock your socks off. Enjoy local and authentic French cuisine delicacies cooked directly from outdoor BBQ grills dotting the restaurant.

Hit the Au Pool for fresh seafood, fresh veggies, gourmet dishes, and other authentic meals.

#2. La Grillardiere

At La Grillardiere, you will meet and mingle with locals as they munch on their grilled meats and savory sandwiches. With a side of unsalted butter, tapas, fresh baguettes, french fries, mushrooms, pepper, and lots of veggies, you are in for a special treat.

#3. Poulet Razane

If you happen to be close to the beautiful Mohammed V mosque, head over to Poulet Razane for a quick bite. Although it’s small, the restaurant some of the most sizzling, poultry and meats, served with a side of Arabic bread, cream cheese, honey, and money. And, yes, their menu is pocket-friendly.

#4. Havana

Dying for a taste of Havana? Here, you can even partake in cigar smoke. The ambiance is welcoming, the waiters are splendid, and the menu is sizzling hot. To top it off, savor the taste of the delicacies with Cuban music arresting the air.

#5. Tapis Rouge

Also called Little Norway, this restaurant pleases customers with top-grade food and excellent wait service. The food, the charm, and the friendliness are worth every penny.

#6. Les Blancs

Authentic, Spanish-inspired restaurant, Les Blancs is a fantastic place to spend a lazy afternoon, overlooking the fantastic views of the Marina and sprawling Agadir. The food quality also matches the hospitality.

#7. Mezzo Mezzo

Fancy a pizza on holiday? If yes, Mezzo Mezzo is the place to be. Grab a slice of mouthwatering pizza as you wind down with an authentic bottle of red wine. It’s always a great place to take a pit stop after long hours of sightseeing.